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Spring cleaning is still taking place here.  It seems I am making my way through my list day by day.  It feels amazing!

Warning: this is not going to be the most interesting post I have ever written.  Unless you are voyeuristic, then you may find the inside of our fridge fascinating.

I dove into my fridge by taking everything out. I checked expiration dates of everything we had.  (I hate this part because I hate to waste food by throwing it away.)  We tossed out anything that was expired.  

Then I took a look at our fridge.  I had no idea it was so dirty in there. 

I didn’t take a picture, because really it was just too embarrassing.  Let me paint you a grimey picture.  Pickle Juice, sticky and gooey on one shelf.  A substance that appeared to be dried tomato seeds in the produce bin.  Some sort of syrup must have dripped down one side of the fridge wall. 

And dog hair!  I had no idea that dog hair could get into a fridge, but yes on the very bottom under my bins there was som dog hair and dust.  I never even knew it was there, it was hidden by my pull out bins.  Ick!  Glad I decided to clean it.

I made a mixture of 1/2 warm water and 1/2 vinegar and went to town on that messy thing.  After about 15 minutes it was sparkly and clean.  It feels amazing to know exactly what is in my fridge and to know that it is disinfected and clean. 

Here is my after!  Yay!

Shiny and clean. 

After looking at these pictures I realized I have some pretty strange things in my fridge.  All of you voyeurs out there and probably thinking, what is that?

Kefir- it is a yogurt type drink full of natural probiotics.  The kids love it because it tastes like a smoothie, but I love it because it is so good for them.

Naked Juice- Green Machine.  We drink this with our breakfast everyday.  We have so many friends participating in the juicing trend, but we didn’t want to invest in a juicer.  Naked Juice seemed to be the next best thing.

Pesto- We ALWAYS have a big jar of pesto in our fridge.  We use it for so many things.  We put it on chicken for a quick meal.  Use it on homemade pizza.  Make pasta with it. 

Coconut Milk- We are attempting to use coconut milk instead of regular organic milk.  Key word: Attempting.  Ezra hates it… Paul hates it.  It may not stick.

Goat Cheese- I love to keep a block of goat cheese around.  It comes in handy when I don’t have a dinner planned.  I put it in quiches, make sandwiches with it, or just eat it on crackers with some fruit.

So there is our super clean fridge and some strange things that live in it. 

I hope this satisfied your inner voyeur.  (We all have one)

Also, just wondering, do you have dog hair at the bottom of your fridge?  Please take a look and let me know.  If you do, I will feel so much better about the state that mine was in.