My Christmas tree has been down for a couple weeks now along with all of the decorations and wreaths.  I still had all of our Christmas books out though.  You can see what Christmas books we enjoy here.

It was time to ditch the old ones and add some fresh books to the living room for easy access. 

Hmmmm… we don’t have any Valentines Day books, so I decided to just put out some of my favorites that don’t get read as often so maybe we will read some of them.

Here is what we have out now:

The Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak

I am sure most of you have heard of this book.  It is about a little boy who dreams (or so we think) about going to a place called the night kitchen where he saves the day helping the bakers get milk for the morning bread.  It was one of my favorites when I was little.

Somewhere in the Ocean by Jennifer Ward and TJ Marsh, Illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler

This book has beautiful illustrations and a lovely poem/song about all different kinds of sea life.  There are clown fish, manatees, orcas, sea otters and many more. 

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Lets face is Maurice Sendak is very talented.  Another all time favorite of kids everywhere, my kids not excluded.

Cassandra’s Angel by Gina Otto Illustrated by Trudy Joost

This is such a touching little story about a girl who is “naughty” but she gets visited by an angel that tells her it is ok to be who she is.  So sweet.

Momma Loves her Little Son by John Carter Cash, Illustrated by Marc Burckhardt

A sweet story about how much Mother’s love thier little boys now matter what happens or where they are.  LOVE this book.

Love you Forever by Robert Munsch, Illustrated by Sheila McGraw

I was given this book as a shower gift when I was pregnant with Ezra.  It is such a sweet book.  I actually tear up sometimes when I read it.  It is about a mother who sings a sweet song to her son every night of his life. 

Mr. Putter and Tabby: Bake the Cake by Cynthia Rylant and Arthur Howard

The Mr. Putter Books are a favorite around here.  They were given to us by my Uncle Mike last year.  Ezra love them because he can easily read them.  I love them because they are cute and entertaining stories.  This one is about Mr. Putter learning to bake a birthday cake.  Cute.

Guess How Much I love you by Sam McBratney, Illustrated by Anita Jeram

A story about a daddy hare and a baby hare comparing how much they love eachother. 

Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?  by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle

I love the Eric Carle illustrations.  Grainy and bright.  This one is great for learning colors. 

Since it is almost Valentines Day I tried to pull lots of books themed around loving eachother.  What better way to celebrate each holiday season with different children’s books to read?

Here they are under a table in our living room where they are easily accessable.  Yay for reading!