Work Clothes 2


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Work Clothes 2

Pullover sweater

J Crew top

J Crew twill jacket
$315 –

Corduroy skirt
$420 –

Black pants
$245 –

$19 –

Dune leather boots
$270 –

Frye clog

H M leather flat
$13 –

Coach tote

Kate spade necklace

Dsquared bow belt

River Island scarve
$35 –

Oasis scarve
$32 –

Work Ensemble


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Work Ensemble

Black sheath dress

IRIS VON ARNIM cashmere top
$1,035 –

M Patmos sleeveless tank top
$425 –

Coral cardigan
$61 –

H M short cardigan
$23 –

Quiz coral tank
$12 –

Vanessa Bruno cotton jacket
$355 –

Stella McCartney stripe pants
$330 –

Alexon navy blue pants
$31 –

Dark blue jeans

Bertie platform high heels
$50 –

Call it SPRING black wedge heels
$52 –

Kate spade jewelry

Shell necklace

Rubber belt
$75 –

Two $10 Curb Appeal Projects


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When Spring comes, it seems everyone gets in a hurry to get outside and freshen up thier yards.  That of course takes money.

Planting shrubs can be hundreds of dollars.  Landscaping can be thousands.  We have so many things we want to do to improve our outdoor spaces.  Unfortunately, those projects have to be taken on bit by bit. 

I had the itch to freshen up the front of our house, but I had a budget of $20.  Here are the two projects I did to give us a little more curb appeal.

Project 1- A Fun Pop of Color

Plant some bright flowers- I chose to plant Ranunculus, which is an annual.  I chose this plant because they need a lot of sun and the front of our home gets a ton of morning and mid day sun.  As you can see I also got them all in the same color, yellow. 

I thought this would hieghten the impact of the flowers.  If you chose a bunch of different colors and mix them together it can be beautiful, but doesn’t always have the intense impact as a bundle all in yellow.  I bought them for 2.47 each and I needed for to fill up my pots… total for this bright punch of color $9.88.

I planted them in pots I already had.  They were from Target, and I got them at the end of the season last year, just knowing they would be perfect this spring.  If you don’t already have pots and you don’t want to spend a ton, don’t worry.  You can go buy some plain terra cotta ones (they only cost a few dollars a piece) and spray paint them a white or a bright fun color. 

Project Number 2- Fun Door Mat

Striped door mats are everywhere it seems.  On West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, even Pier One had one.  The difference between mine and theirs is that mine cost about $30 less.

Take a plain Coir Door Mat from Home Depot.  Mine was $6.97.  Then you tape it off.  I used Painters Tape, but any tape will do.  I am sure even Duct Tape would do the job.  Then take a can of spray paint (I used Rustoleum for $3.87) and go to town!

I chose yellow because I thought it would tie in well with my yellow flowers.  You could use any color you like.  I noticed they have a great moody turquoise at Home Depot that was striking my fancy as well.

There you have it.  A little curb appeal for $20! 


How about a quick before and after for good measure?

Are you tackling any outdoor projects?  Have you found inexpensive ways to update the front of your house?  Please, do tell.


Spring Cleaning: My Fridge


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Spring cleaning is still taking place here.  It seems I am making my way through my list day by day.  It feels amazing!

Warning: this is not going to be the most interesting post I have ever written.  Unless you are voyeuristic, then you may find the inside of our fridge fascinating.

I dove into my fridge by taking everything out. I checked expiration dates of everything we had.  (I hate this part because I hate to waste food by throwing it away.)  We tossed out anything that was expired.  

Then I took a look at our fridge.  I had no idea it was so dirty in there. 

I didn’t take a picture, because really it was just too embarrassing.  Let me paint you a grimey picture.  Pickle Juice, sticky and gooey on one shelf.  A substance that appeared to be dried tomato seeds in the produce bin.  Some sort of syrup must have dripped down one side of the fridge wall. 

And dog hair!  I had no idea that dog hair could get into a fridge, but yes on the very bottom under my bins there was som dog hair and dust.  I never even knew it was there, it was hidden by my pull out bins.  Ick!  Glad I decided to clean it.

I made a mixture of 1/2 warm water and 1/2 vinegar and went to town on that messy thing.  After about 15 minutes it was sparkly and clean.  It feels amazing to know exactly what is in my fridge and to know that it is disinfected and clean. 

Here is my after!  Yay!

Shiny and clean. 

After looking at these pictures I realized I have some pretty strange things in my fridge.  All of you voyeurs out there and probably thinking, what is that?

Kefir- it is a yogurt type drink full of natural probiotics.  The kids love it because it tastes like a smoothie, but I love it because it is so good for them.

Naked Juice- Green Machine.  We drink this with our breakfast everyday.  We have so many friends participating in the juicing trend, but we didn’t want to invest in a juicer.  Naked Juice seemed to be the next best thing.

Pesto- We ALWAYS have a big jar of pesto in our fridge.  We use it for so many things.  We put it on chicken for a quick meal.  Use it on homemade pizza.  Make pasta with it. 

Coconut Milk- We are attempting to use coconut milk instead of regular organic milk.  Key word: Attempting.  Ezra hates it… Paul hates it.  It may not stick.

Goat Cheese- I love to keep a block of goat cheese around.  It comes in handy when I don’t have a dinner planned.  I put it in quiches, make sandwiches with it, or just eat it on crackers with some fruit.

So there is our super clean fridge and some strange things that live in it. 

I hope this satisfied your inner voyeur.  (We all have one)

Also, just wondering, do you have dog hair at the bottom of your fridge?  Please take a look and let me know.  If you do, I will feel so much better about the state that mine was in.

Things On Thursday: Spring Cleaning


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Since we are all spring cleaning in fits of freshening our home after a long cold winter, I thought I would share some of my favorite things to inspire your spring cleaning.

1. My favorite organizing resource- Martha Stewarts Organizing Magazine, or should I say book.  This thing is hefty and full of so much eye candy. If you flip through here and still don’t get inspired, well you must really hate organizing.

2.Grey Storage Boxes from the Container Store– Putting away all of those winter items is hard without the right tools.  Keep those cashmere sweaters and wool jackets clean and safe in these boxes. (PS: they are on sale right now!)

3. My favorite thing for cleaning my kitchen is my Envirocloth from Norwex.  No sprays or cleaners needed here and it really cuts any grime.  Really…I promise.

4.  Cleaning is much more pleasant when it smells good.  I cannot stand cleaners that give you a headache.  Meyer’s Geranium Cleaners smell amazing.  You can only find the Geranium scent online (target carries the others) and it is worth paying the shipping because it is such a breath of fresh air in your home.

5.  I often like to treat myself to a few new dish towels in the spring.  It adds a bit of brightness and it gives you a reason to get rid of a couple that are torn and tattered.  This one is from Anthropologie if you wanting to splurge for some fun spring color.

6.  You need to have a good spray bottle to mix your vinegar in, if you are using vinegar to clean.  I love using it this time of year.  It is so inexpensive and really does the job.  Find a complete list of ways to clean with vinegar HERE.

7.  I like to use a nice linen spray to freshen up beds, curtains and closets.  This one is from Farmhouse Wares.  Or you can make your own spray with these instructions.

8.  After going through all your print materials like magazines, newspapers, and catalogues you will need a cute spot to corral the ones you decided were worth the cut.  This cute little guy is made from recycled newspapers and is from Pier One.

 There you go, some of my favorite things to freshen and organize your home.  Hope I took some of the dread out of your spring cleaning routine.




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I have a few crushes… I am not ashamed to admit it.  Let me share

My designer crush- Genevieve Gorder


She is amazing.  She has this ability to make spaces modern and interesting but they still have a warmth and richness to them.  Check out her New York apartment.  Can you say AWESOME!


Seriously, every time I watch her show on HGTV I am surprised and pleased with her choices.  She picks items I would never think about incorporating and makes them look perfect in the space.  I guess that is why she is on HGTV!

My blog crush- Young House Love- John and Sherry


The YHL couple are inspiring on so many levels.  They have taken a little DIY blog and turned it into something so huge and amazing and I feel like I have watched it happen before my eyes.  Thier house is adorable and they did it all themselves, so cool!


If anyone deserves that kind of success it is them.  They have inspired so many of my home projects, they work really hard, and  lets just face it they are super talented.

My musician crush- Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes. 


I know, all of you out there are cringing.  He is kind of messy, and the long hair, and the bell bottoms.  Something about it does it for me. 

I bet he is a really interesting person to sit down and have a conversation with.  That will do it for me every time!  Plus give me some bluesy rock music and you will see this girl smile.

My friend crush- My friend Candi

Candi inspires a girl crush out of every person she meets.  We met when we were freshmen in college and have been as tight as two coats of paint since.  Immediately I realized that not only is she the prettiest person I have ever seen in real life, but she is crazy beautiful on the inside too.  Here she is with her kiddos.

  I have never heard a truly mean word come out of that girls mouth toward anyone.  That’s pretty cool. 

My cook crush- Giada


Every time I watch her show I get convinced that I can prepare gourmet meals for my family.  It is so easy right?  She makes it look so easy!  Many of you who know me, know I like easy.  The truth of it is that Giada just makes it look easy.  Preparing meals like that with a toddler under your feet while helping a seven year old with thier homework is not so easy.  I still love to watch her do it though.

My Author Crush- JK Rowling


She wrote Harry Potter, one of the most successful series of all time!  Aside from that, she was a struggling single mother.  I have a serious soft spot for the single mamas.  I was one for a few years, and it is tough!  The fact that she pulled herself from that to being one of the most succuessful women in the world makes my heart soar.

My TV Show Crush- The New Girl


Zoey Deschannel is so adorable.   The show is hilarious, my hubby even likes it, which is saying a lot.

My super real crush- my amazing husband! 

He works crazy hard, is an amazing father, and supports me in everything I do.  Plus, he is handsome!  I am so thankful to have such a great man.

Now you know a little more about my quirky little personality.  Do you have any strange crushes?  C’mon, don’t leave me hangin’ here.


Spring Cleaning List


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I have fervently began Spring Cleaning my house.  I don’t know what came over me?!  I just had this amazing impulse to scrub and clean every nook and cranny of my house.  It must be all the sunshine.

Here is my Spring Cleaning list.  Feel free to print it to help you make your way through your house. 


Here are a few links that I thought were pertinent to these Spring Cleaning Chores. 

How to clean your lint trap and vent correctly.  Have you ever done this?  I did it last night… it was crazy.

Tips for Cleaning with Vinegar

How to clean your shower curtain

How to Deodorize Drains – I did this last night to all of our bathroom drains.  Awesome!

How to Clean your Washing Machine.  This too!

 20 ways to organize your closet– I need to start on this!

Happy Spring Cleaning!


Our Kitchen Journey


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I was looking through old photographs the other day and I came across some  older pictures of our kitchen.  We had already updated our appliances, but the cupboards and everything else in the room had not been touched.  It was so fun to see how different everything looked. 

Isn’t that crazy?! 

I thought it was.  Here is a closer look.

I love the way our kitchen looks now.  I also love looking back, so we can remember how far we have come and how much work we have done.


Nautical Pirate Toddler Birthday Inspiration


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My son Lucas is turning 3 in May. 

We have decided that this year we will have a Nautical Pirate Birthday for him.  He loves the Disney show Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Here is a picture from our trip in January to Disneyworld.  He got to meet Jake!

Here is my inspiration board for his party. 

Here are my sources from right to left, top to bottom

1. Napkins tied with lifesavers- Princess and the Frog Blog

2. 36 inch large blue balloons- Sweet Lulu

3. Nautical Dessert Table with Vintage Touches- Utah Baby Blog

4. Red and White Plates- Sweet Lulu

5. Cool Sailboat Watermelon Fruit Salad- Catering Crumbs Blog

6. Biodegradable Colorful Spoons- Sweet Lulu

7. Jake and the Neverland Pirates Invitation- Shes Tutu Cute Boutique on Etsy

8. Cool Pirate Photo Booth Props- Little Retreats on Etsy

9. Amazing Nautical Cake- Cake Heaven


I better start planning!


Hunger Games Printables



I know a few of you are going all out for The Hunger Games opening weekend.  I have friends who are having a dress up party for the big opening night.  I just saw another friend post that they were making special T-shirts for the big night. 

Hunger Games Fever is in the air. 

I thought I would share some printable tags/stickers.  These print perfectly on Avery 5294 round labels. Or you can just print them out on paper and cut them out.  You can use them for buffet table decorations for your Hunger Games Party, or stick them on your shirt to show your allegiance to your favorite character. 

Oh, how these trilogies make us act silly!  I love it!

Have fun and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

Rice Crispy Face Off


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I have been seeing so many variations of Rice Crispy Treats on Pinterest.

Ezra peeked over my shoulder the other day as I was browsing, and asked if we could please make some.  Darn Pinterest!

I thought to make it interesting, we would make three different recipes and taste test which one we like best.  Then I could share with you our results.

Here are the recipes we chose.

Lucky Charm Rice Crispy Treats- from The Sweets Life

Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats- from Give me Some Oven

Original Rice Crispy Treats- this recipe is on the back of the package

Click the links to access the recipes.

Here they are in all their sugary glory.

Lucky Charms Treats

Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats

The Original Rice Crispy Treat

We took a little piece of each and sat down for our test.

The winner was:

Lucky Charms by two votes. 

I personally preferred the Original recipe.  If it isn’t broke don’t fix it! Right?! Both of the boys loved the Lucky Charm version, maybe it is the fun colors.

So there you have it, Lucky Charms Crispy Treats are a winner with kids!  Hope you enjoy the recipe as much as we did!


We took a huge plate of left over treats to my in-laws house so we didn’t put ourselves in a sugar coma.  There were a lot of treats!

The Kitchen is Open


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I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is to finally be able to cook in our kitchen.  We can finally use our sink, and prepare meals! 

Here are some pictures of our kitchen progress.


Here is the view from the kitchen into the living room.

One more full view for good measure.

Ok, enough with the pictures! Right? 

I still want to do a bit of work to this cabinet, reorganizing and styling it to go with my new kitchen.  What do you think I should incorporate into this pretty little shelf?


Happy Spring


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I have a couple of reasons to celebrate today. 

One is that Spring is finally here, although Spring in Colorado does not ussually mean flowers, it means snow.  I am still happy.  It means flowers will eventually be on thier way!

The second reason I am celebrating is that I have finally decided to take my blog into facebook land.  I had resisted for a long time.  I blogged for me, to satisfy my creative side.  I thought if I entered the social world with it, I might feel self conscious, or shy, or timid about what I shared.  But with almost 5000 readers a month (I know in blogland that is not a ton, but to little ol’ me it is), I figured there were already a lot of people out there reading it so I might as well share it with people who actually know me.  What can I say it is a big deal, I am shy. 

In celebration of my coming out in the social world, I am posting a second post today with a fun printable Spring picture.

I printed mine out and put it in a little frame on my end table.  You could use it to change out a picture in your gallery wall for spring, put it in your child’s lunchbox for a sweet little surprise, or put it on your desk, or simply email it to a friend to brighten thier day! 

So here it is, snag it if you want it.

I also wanted to say Thank you to all of you who have “liked me” on facebook.  I like you too!


DIY Dino Book Ends


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Lucas has a lot of books.  He has them here, he has them there, he has them a little bit of everywhere.

A small collection of board books, his favorite ones now live on top of his toy shelf.  I really wanted to find some fun bookends, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on such a novelty piece.

These are so cool.  I felt they were maybe a bit mature and at nearly $50, I was not in love.

If you love them you can find them here.

I also found these cute mice on Amazon.  They are super adorable, I almost ordered them.  But again, at almost $50 I was not sold. 

Here is my solution since I am being so budget minded, you know since we are remodeling our kitchen and all.

I rummaged through the boys bins of toy dinosaurs and found two with similar scale and detail.

Then I went to Home Depot and bought two pieces of wood with bevelled edges in the crown molding section.  I am not sure what these pieces are originally intended for but they were perfect for this project. 

I spray painted the bases and then the dinos.  Then simply hot glued the toys to the wood to create instant bookends.  The price?  Approx $2 for each of the wood pieces and a can of spray paint, which I happened to already have on hand. 

I pretty much LOVE them.   They hold up the books, they are cute, they make you want to say RAWR, what is not to love?